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Wawasan Agrolipids was established in the year 1999 and is widely known as an expert and dedicated feed fats producer in the livestock industry. We are privileged to be situated in the southern state of Johor, Malaysia where an abundance of palm oil and close proximity with palm oil processing facilities have enabled us to build one of the first & largest feed fats plant in Asia, in response to increasing demand from dairy world. Expansionary activities after that have added a diverse range of other products consisting mainly of non-calcium salt types, help augment our products offerings to one of the widest in the industry and serving markets all over the world.

Our goal is to continuously being recognized as the leading global producer of INNOVATIVE, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE SPECIALTY FEED FATS for livestock. In going beyond our commitment to delivering high quality and safe products, Wawasan pursues an extended objective to disseminate correct information about various fat types & their applications.

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