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Wawasan Agrolipids Sdn Bhd (WASB) is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil for a variety of our product. We shall be accountable for the environment, society and stakeholder’s interest by committing to do business in an economically viable ways that align with RSPO principles.
As the member of RSPO, we shall support the efforts of the RSPO SCCS to develop this credible global standard. We shall require our direct suppliers and buyers are members of the RSPO and committed to sourcing certified sustainable palm oil through the mass balance system.

WASB shall emphasis on aspects below:

  • Commit to ethical conduct in all business, operations and transaction, make sure WASB is complying with all the international laws and regulations.

  • The implementation of management or business plan should be long-term economic and financially viable, this includes buying and selling of the raw material.

  • Integrate the sustainability policy within the company’s value chain by providing continuous training with all stakeholders that includes employees, suppliers, customers and the society.

  • Committed to transparent and full traceability in our palm oil supply chain, which means having traceability to mills and traceability to plantations level,

  • Committed to sourcing palm oil which has been produced with No Deforestation, No Burning, No Destruction of Peatland, No Conversion of High Conversation Value (HCV) areas and High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas after December 2018.

  • Supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights in our operation and supply chain

  • Supports and respects the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities to give or withhold the free, prior informed consent (FPIC).

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