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Palmitic acid is one of the major fatty acid in milk fat and is normally synthesized de novo by mammary glands from the volatile fatty acid substrates of butyrate and acetate. Supplementing palmitic preformed fatty acid in diets can enhance the butterfat content in milk due to proclivity in the uptake of this fatty acid during milk fat synthesis.

Nutracor is micro-prilled for superior intestinal digestibility with an almost bland odor and it is suitable for all forms of supplementation including top dressing.

Recommendation: 12 weeks after calving.


  • Store away from direct sunlight and at relative humidity of not more than 60%

​Shelf Life

  • 12 months from production date


  • 25kg woven bag

  • 25kg kraft paper bag

  • 650kg bulker bag

  • 2000lbs (907.2kg) totes

  • 20MT container bags

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