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Nutracor PS58

Nutracor PS58 25 kgs.jpg


High melting point TRIGLYCERIDES are effective energy substrates in the dairy ration when used at a lower inclusion rate. Its odourless disposition does not discourage dry matter intake. Efficiency of the product can be enhanced when used in concert with other bypass fats.

The NUTRACOR PS58 is also a suitable finishing energy source for animal bred for meat. The mostly high melting point fatty acids contained therein help improve carcass quality with greater firmness leading to lower drip loss and a greater shelf life. Lecithin can be added (NUTRACOR PS58L) where emulsification assistance is required in digestion.


  • Store away from direct sunlight and at relative humidity of not more than 60%

​Shelf Life

  • 12 months from production date


  • 25kg woven bag

  • 25kg kraft paper bag

  • 650kg bulker bag

  • 2000lbs (907.2kg) totes

  • 20MT container bags

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