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Stearolac / Stearolac90



With a balance by fatty acid profile offering about equally high portion of the palmitic and stearic acid, the stearolac helps by buffering energy in milk production and body condition of the fresh calver. In Micro-prilled form, the Stearolac offers superior intestinal digestibility. 


Recommendation: Feeding generally begins after calving and may be used in concert with the high palmitic acid product like Nutracor if additional butterfat content is required. Works excellently in any dry mixed rations.


  • Store away from direct sunlight and at relative humidity of not more than 60%

​Shelf Life

  • 12 months from production date


  • 25kg woven bag

  • 25kg kraft paper bag

  • 650kg bulker bag

  • 2000lbs (907.2kg) totes

  • 20MT container bags

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